Investment Framework

SDC believes that we are the first to offer investors superior returns, socially optimized outcomes and a globally compliant security token with 100% bank guarantee on the principal of the investment.

We work with a highly reputable, fully compliant, Luxembourg based fund management firm that provides suitable SDC investors access to superior guaranteed returns and capital preservation. The bank provides this guarantee of non-depletion by providing 100% capital security of the investment principal for the agreed term and a non-performance redemption guarantee included. There is also an invitation to meet the Fund Manager and Bank Principals to confirm details of the contract prior to execution.

Our investment model* allows our investment Fund Manager to transact via a secure non-transactional account in a major European bank.

The issuance and trading of commercial bank securities in house is made available by pre-approved credit facilities at our Fund Manager’s bank.

Our clients’ funds are never utilized during the investment contract term and forms a part of the contractual agreement with our Fund Manager and participating banks. Profits generated by this model are used to pay dividends and operating costs, and fund social impact projects.

For information on suitability requirements please use the contact form.

*The investment model is proprietary information and will not be disclosed.
SDC can confirm however, that it complies with AML and multi jurisdictional compliance and that a level of leveraging is involved. A contract is available for viewing.

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OnchainID identities

Onchain identities are smart contracts stored on the decentralized Ethereum public BlockChain. They allow data owners to truly own their identity, whilst allowing trusted services to issue claims (Validation certificates).

These identities span a lifetime and cannot be hidden or deleted and no service or organization can remove your access rights to it.

OnchainID identities

  • have a unique identifier: its blockchain address. 
  • have no value in themselves. The value is in the information (claims) attached to it that gives credit to the identity.

Use case for SDC

  • An Investor OnchainID would be beneficial as:
    • A facility for SDC to verify specific claims that the Investor allows access
    • It ensures the Investor data is always updated and verified by the Claim Issuer. 
  • An SDC OnchainID would be beneficial as:
    • A facility for the Investor to verify specific claims that SDC allows Client access.
    • A facility for the Fund Manager to verify specific claims that SDC allows the Fund Manager access.*

*  Provided the Fund Manager accepts this form of data verification.